Embody Fulfillment

Do You Feel Isolated or Supported?

Through my journey of healing I've gone through phases of feeling isolated and feeling supported.  Some of it by choice and some by circumstance. Here is one the thing I've learned ~ Downs feel less lonely and easier to bounce out of when you feel like at least one person or a whole tribe has… Read More

Carrots, Eggs, Coffee….A Parable About Adversity

My 4th grader brought this home from school.  The class mystery reader brought it in to read to the kids and gave them a copy.  I'd never heard this before and made me reflect about my own actions and relationship to adversity.   After I read this parable, I realized at different points in my… Read More

Step Into The Light

  I am so excited to Dance Sunday afternoon with Pamela MacIntyre, Creator of Divine Moves.  If you are in driving distance to West Concord, MA please come join me. I'm not teaching and these are not affiliate links. I'm just dancing because it makes me feel good.  Movement like this helps me deeply connect… Read More

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