Last week on the blog I covered the 4 Independent Personality types.  The feedback from women  about desiring to be more of an EL type (Essence of Liberty)  blew me away.

Some wondered how they could make that shift to feeling free from being the HV, PC or FU type.

Freedom is just that, a feeling.  It is how you feel inside regardless of your outer circumstances. I like to call it, the essence of liberty.


The questions and comments got me thinking.  Sometimes we step into the energy of liberty, an energy of pure freedom and satisfaction and grace yet not sure how we got there and baffled when we slip out it, back  into one of the other types.

Click here to read last week’s article and discover what type of personality you tend more toward.

When find ourselves falling back into old habits or behaviors, wondering why we feel stuck, wishing we were felt more liberated we want to know the secret of how to get back the liberated feeling and way of being.

Guess what?  Today I am sharing with you my 3 secrets to recapturing your own personal essence of liberty.  They are so simple and fun you may be surprised.

The Three Secrets to Radiate the Essence of Liberty

1. Declare Dominion over your life.

You have probably heard this before: You choose how you want to show up in the world.  You get to decide who you are.   You can chose to break the chains of bondage around you.

Trust me, it’s true.  You can chose to be something other than what other people may have decided for you or called you in the past.

Write your own “Declaration of Independance”.  Get a pen and write down all the ways you’d like to be and feel.  It does not matter if you have never acted on any of it before.

Freedom is a state of mind.  Once you declare what you want or how you want to be, streamline it and focus on it.  When you get clear, doors will open to help you shift into desires you claimed to become your new reality.  How liberating is that?

Share in the comments below what your declaration is.


2.  Move your body.

If you feel stuck or your meter is off then you’ve got to shift your energy.  Movement can change the way we feel, act and even look. If you are feeling stuck in any behavior pattern or situation get up in move.

Move in anyway that makes you feel good.  This will lighten your mood, energize your being and when done regularly cultivate an inner strength you may have not known you have.

Take a dance break, start a yoga practice, create an exercise regime.  There is no right or wrong way to move your body, do what feels good to you.

I will share this though, you may get a feeling of exhilaration if you dance.  Dance like nobody is watching.

Do this for yourself and no one else. done regularly, this will usher in feelings of real independence.

3.  Sing out loud.

Put on your favorite tunes.  Don’t just listen, sing along.   Sing out loud.

You can even make up your own tunes or rhymes like when you were a kid.

Music can connect us with the divine.  It can elevate our mood and our spirit.  Vocalizing raises our energy to a more empowered level. It opens up our fifth chakra and brings healing, balance and strength to our voice, our whole being.

If this sounds a little “Woo Woo” to you, let it go.  Just sing and enjoy.  You’ll still get the effects.  Notice how you feel after bursting into song.

What are some of your favorite songs?  Share in the comment what you love to sing along to.

Do anyone one or all three steps.

Each step alone will help you begin to shift you into your true essence.

If you seriously desire to radiate an essence of liberty on the inside I encourage you to try all three.  The combination is a triple whammy of activating true independence.

Use this simple secret “the hat-trick” of shift your energy anytime.

Declare how you want to feel. Declare how you want your life to be.  Dance.  Sing.  Notice how you feel.

Let me know if the comments below how resonates for you.  I’d really love to know some great musical suggestions for our readers.  Thanks! 


Much love,

Ps. Still feeling stuck? Wondering if some one on one support will help you?  Check out some of my clients real results here and discover how  1:1 support helped them shift into feeling more free.

PS.  In the spirit of Independence day and fireworks that go off all this month, here is a favorite Katy Perry song my daughter and I sing together that shifts the energy in our house.   Firework . Share in the comments below what song you sing and dance to like nobody is watching.

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