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Do You Feel Isolated or Supported?


Through my journey of healing I’ve gone through phases of feeling isolated and feeling supported.  Some of it by choice and some by circumstance.

Here is one the thing I’ve learned ~

Feeling supported makes it so much easier to navigate the ups and downs of life.

Downs feel less lonely and easier to bounce out of when you feel like at least one person or a whole tribe has your back.  And the ups are a heck of lot more fun when you have others to celebrate with you.

Here are 3 Virtual Resources for you if you want to dive into the value of building support around you.

1. Ted Talk by Dr.Lissa Rankin to get some really helpful insights. Loneliness is the  the number one health epidemic in the country.  It is linked to autoimmune disease and addictions.  Take a quick listen/watch.


2. Here’s a link to a yummy article about sisterhood. What sisterhood is, where it comes from and why it is important. Yes let’s keep reviving it!  PS. It is not anti-man




3. And one of my very favorites, The concept of “Sistering” by Glennon Doyle Melton in her 2015 video “The Best Part of Life”.

The Best Part of Life


I agree with Glennon, “the hard is not a mistake”.  It is purposeful.  Maybe it means you need some sistering and some real support in your life.


Feel lonely?  Isolated?  Stuck?  Sisterhood and Sistering ARE Solutions.

You were not meant to navigate this life alone.  Isn’t time you felt supported?


My Tribe (Weekly Coaching + Sistering Support)

Wednesdays  7:30pm – 9:15pm EST

in Stow, MA – $25 Each Wednesday Evening.

Space is limited secure your spot + sign up

Questions?  email hello@katmoulton.com and we’ll get you answers.


Much Love & Inspiration,


Carrots, Eggs, Coffee….A Parable About Adversity


My 4th grader brought this home from school.  The class mystery reader brought it in to read to the kids and gave them a copy.  I’d never heard this before and made me reflect about my own actions and relationship to adversity.  

After I read this parable, I realized at different points in my life I have been all three. The more aware I become of my feelings and emotions + the more self care I commit too, the more like coffee I am able to be when adversity strikes.  How about you?

Carrots, Eggs, Coffee

A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her.
She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling.  It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose.

Her mother took her to the kitchen.  She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire.
Soon the pots came to boil.  In the first she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans.  She let them sit and boil, without saying a word.

In about twenty minutes, she turned off the burners. She fished out the carrots and placed them in a bowl.   She pulled out the eggs and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled out the coffee and placed it in a bowl.  Turning to her daughter, she asked, “Tell me what you see.”

“Carrots, eggs, and coffee,” she replied.

Her mother brought her closer and asked her to feel the carrots. She did and noted that they were soft.  The mother then asked the daughter to take an egg and break it.  After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard-boiled egg.

Finally, the mother asked the daughter to sip the coffee.  The daughter smiled as she tasted its richness and savored its aroma.  The daughter then asked, “What does it mean, mother?”

Her mother explained that each of these objects had faced the same adversity — boiling water.  Each reacted differently.

The carrot went in strong, hard, and unrelenting.  However, after being subjected to the boiling water, it softened and became weak.

The egg had been fragile.  Its thin outer shell had protected its liquid interior, but after sitting through the boiling water, its inside became hardened.

The ground coffee beans were unique, however.  After they were in the boiling water, they had changed the water.

“Which are you?” she asked her daughter.  “When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond?  Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean?”

Think of this: Which am I?  Am I the carrot that seems strong, but with pain and adversity do I wilt and become soft and lose my strength?

Am I the egg that starts with a malleable heart, but changes with the heat?
Did I have a fluid spirit, but after a death, a breakup, a financial hardship or some other trial, have I become hardened and stiff?  Does my shell look the same, but on the inside am I bitter and tough with a stiff spirit and hardened heart?

Or am I like the coffee bean? The bean actually changes the hot water, the very circumstance that brings the pain.  When the water gets hot, it releases the fragrance and flavor.

If you are like the bean, when things are at their worst; you become even better and change the situation around you.

When the hour is the darkest and trials are their greatest, do you elevate yourself to another level? 

How do you handle adversity?  Are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?

The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of things that come their way.

The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; you cannot go forward in our life until you let go of your psat failures and heart aches.

May we all be coffee.

~Author Unknown

Have you heard of this parable before?  What are your thoughts?

Are similar to me?  I’ve been too hard for too long.  I’ve softened, but became to soft for a bit. The dance of self care and healing and desire have helped me immensely. As I focus more on how I want to feel, and take the actions to become that, I became less reactive. The more mindful I become the less tendency I have to become hard boiled.  If you need support in this area click here to learn about Desire Map Coaching. 

At different stages in your life have you been a different one than you are today? Share in the comments below.

Step Into The Light



I am so excited to Dance Sunday afternoon with Pamela MacIntyre, Creator of Divine Moves.  If you are in driving distance to West Concord, MA please come join me.

I’m not teaching and these are not affiliate links.
I’m just dancing because it makes me feel good.  Movement like this helps me deeply connect with my own inner wisdom.
Feeling good is how it starts but making decisions in my life from a place deeply connected to what matters to me and my own inner knowing is the result.

Pamela’s class in unique, healing and joyful.

Before I moved to our current home 3.5 years ago I’d become a somewhat regular at Pamela’s class.  Her home base is in Franklin, MA.  But she is bringing her art/Divine Moves to  more and more studios in MA + RI. If  you cannot make it this Sunday, connect with Pamela on Her Website to find out where else she’ll be.
I am sharing this with you as  I am thrilled that her work in the world is expanding and touching more lives. It’s a beautiful form of movement and healing. If you are looking for something different and delightful to try, please come join us.
Nourish your body + Soul so you can thrive.
She’ll be teaching at StarFish Dance and Yoga (brand new name, Formerly called Yoga + Nia for Life) of this month’s Guest blogger Maria Skinner.  Read post here if you missed it.  
Here is a bit more about this Sunday’s class from Pamela’s Website.  No need to pre register, just show up if you feel inspired.

Divine Moves ~ Step into the light!  

Discover your divine light and let it shine!  Divine Moves offers movement and music as a joyful spiritual practice and path to wellness. This uplifting spirit-body dance restores a healing connection to joy through simple, flowing moves to beautiful, inspiring music.  Easy,  repetitive moves and free dance invite you to deepen your connection to earth, open your heart, and awaken the divine within.  Combining dance, tai chi, reiki, kundalini yoga, functional and energy healing, Divine Moves offers a spiritual homecoming, a renewed love of life, and a sacred time for inner peace and nurturing. Follow the joy trail and embrace the light within!
Sunday, June 12th, at 5:00pm
StarFish Dance + Yoga (formerly Yoga and Nia for Life)
135 Commonwealth Ave,
West Concord MA
Much Love,


Guest Blog ~ Choice & Surrender: Feeling Feelings with Gusto ~ Maria Skinner


When I tapped deeper into my desires asking myself how I wanted to feel (more sensual) and what was it I needed to do for myself to work through a deeper layer of healing I kept feeling like I wanted to, rather needed to Dance. Again. More.

A few months go I began to regularly honor that feeling to dance. By showing up for myself, I discovered that today’s guest blogger, whose BeSoul Class heals and inspires me,  is not only a talented dancer and teacher but  is also a writer.  I am delighted to introduce you to today’s Guest blogger, Maria Skinner.

If you’ve struggled with not feeling your feelings, numbing out, or addiction this post is for you. Much Love, Kat.

I recently posted an article about emotional sobriety on my facebook status and I had to take a deep breath and let in a new layer of awareness.

There is judgement around being or not being sober.

Sometimes I hear my own mind telling my sober self – you are no fun. And then the sober self tells the party girl, you are out of control. I tend to go more towards control while emotionally craving release. Instead of just feeling the feelings, I often create unnecessary drama just so I can feel them.

The emotional aspect of addiction for me is a deeper urge to merge and connect, to feel deeply, and then not feel how deep the feelings go.
Astrologically speaking, sobriety is a Saturnian impulse, it is the ability to make a choice with alertness and awareness. It is about being responsive to what is and taking responsibility for my emotional experience.

Neptune, on the other hand, is the impulse to merge and let go of control, to swim in the emotional soup that we are all part of and surrender to the bliss that is often available when we see each other as ONE.

For me, the conversation about addiction needs to include the larger spiritual context.

I ask myself, what am I looking for when I reach for my drug? Am I looking to avoid feeling something, am I looking for the sensation of pleasure, am I looking to quiet the cravings, am I looking to feel connected to my soul?

There is a reason why alcohol is also called spirits. There is a reason why certain drugs and sugar, before it became ubiquitous to our lives, were solely used in rituals that often involved communal transformation.

Ritual space is space out of ordinary time. It is when these substances start to bleed into ordinary time that they become a problem. They become a way to escape what is “really” going on or a way to feel beyond what is being offered by the moment. 

I have noticed that for me, even after the substances are gone, after I have quelled the chemical triggers, I am still left with the urge to merge and to feel the magic and the sweetness of life. In this merge, I need to look square in the eyes of my shadow because when I find great bliss, there is great sorrow too. For me, they come together, package deal.It is so much easier to eat a cookie, or have a glass of wine, than to feel paradoxical layers of living.

Strengthening my emotional body for me has been about being able to stay when these great feeling waves crash inside of me.

To feel them and not run to something that will help me release the pain or the fear, to not run to someone and provoke them to provoke me to release. This is true sobriety.

Strengthening my emotional body has been about strengthening my relationship to my physical body too.

When I sense my body, I can feel the waves rising as sensations and can separate myself from the story long enough to let the transformation happen. That is the gift I have found in staying, feeling the feelings as sensations in my body and letting them flow through to the other side, to the place where the release moves through my breath.

There are still moments when I have emotional responses that do not feel sober and I think to myself, “I have no idea why I did that”. The onion keeps peeling. But those times are less and less. At some point, CHOICE and SURRENDER merge and then I feel that place where I FLOW and settle more easily and without judgment, into my body home.


Ask Yourself~
Do you allow your feelings to flow through you?
Have you ever created unnecessary drama just so you can feel your feelings?
What are you looking for when you reach for your drug and numb out?
When you have, what has it cost you to not feel your feelings?
What choices can you make for yourself to feel the way you want to feel?

Maria3Meet Maria ~

Maria Skinner is the owner of Yoga & Nia For Life (soon to be Starfish Dance & Yoga) in West Concord, MA. She is a BeSoul Dance Practitioner, Nia Black Belted, former Nia White Belt Trainer,  creatrix of Moga and Elements in Movement, MoveMyWay, and Embodied Astrology. She is also a Certified Ageless Grace® Educator. Maria co-authored the Spanish translation of Our Bodies, Ourselves; Nuestros Cuerpos, Nuestras Vidas, and contributed to My Hungry Head by Marybeth Sherrin. You can find her at www.yogaandniaforlife.com

26 Simple Everyday Ways to Uplift and Care for Your Own Energy


When I share with people I work with energy they think it strange when they’ve not encountered that term before.  Some think it’s very “Woo Woo” or in the words of my 13 year old “mom’s WooDack Stuff”.

Recently I had a Reiki Client come to me out of curiosity because his friends told him it was like Witchcraft….yeah, not so much. For now, we can let the esoteric be and appreciate the realness and simple everyday offerings of how to care for and uplift our own energy.

“Energy work” is not all “out there” in the ethers.  

Caring for our own energy has us become more aware of what makes us feel good in our bodies and be present in the moment.  We don’t need to overthink it, just make some of these things a habit and become aware of how they make us feel.

It’s normal to feel angry, sad, frustrated, tired or woesome at times.  Allowing ourselves to feel a range of emotions is part of the human experience.  Staying stuck in those emotions is a choice.  The little things we do daily can help us move out of those icky feelings.

If we want to thrive, it is important to become aware of our energy and take responsibility for shifting it into a healthy, vibrant space.

Simple.  Free. Effective.  

We just sometimes forget how basic and powerful it can be to tweak our subtle energy through these ordinary things.  

Sometimes we all just need a gentle reminder that these choices can free up our energy when it gets heavy, stagnant or dark.

Add the intention of lifting up and caring for your energy can supercharge it.

Being mindful of these activities and choosing to incorporate them for regularly into ours lives can make us feel lighter and brighter.  We can relieve tension and feel more focused when we take a few moments through our day to feel good.

  1. Get some fresh air every day, morning is best but anytime is really good.
  2. Move your body in a way that feels good to you.
  3. Sing.
  4. Dance.
  5. Laugh.
  6. Hug someone.  Hug often.   Animals count too.  Love up a fur baby.
  7. Drink more water.
  8. Submerge yourself in water.  Lake.  Beach. Bathtub, hot tub….it’s all good.  
  9. Make art.  Create something.  It does not have to be a painting.  Experiment with making  your own food recipe.  
  10. Grow something.  Plant a small garden.  Or get a couple of containers and grow some flower, herbs, even tomatoes for cukes.
  11. Beautify your living space.  Add some plants/flowers or put a fresh coat of paint on your walls.
  12. Open your windows.  Even if it’s cold out.  Let in a few minutes of fresh air.
  13. Smile.
  14. Laugh.
  15. Do something for others.
  16. Express your appreciation/practice gratitude.
  17. Stretch your body.  Do some neck rolls and shoulder shrugs and focus on your breath to release tension.
  18. Take 10 slow deep breaths.
  19. Spend time with people who make you feel good.
  20. Nourish your body with real, high quality foods.
  21. Wear clothes that make you feel good.
  22. Take a break.  Sit for 5 minutes during the day and DO NOTHING.  Just be.
  23. Spend some time in nature.  Walk barefoot outside for 3-5 minutes for an extra energy boost.
  24. Smell something good or wear a scent that makes your soul smile.  I love to dab some essential oils on my neck.
  25. Send love to someone.
  26. Meditate/pray.

You don’t have to do all of these every day.  Pick 2 or 3 to focus on and make them a regular  practice.  


Occasionally look at the list to remind yourself how you can shift your energy when you are feel low, stuck or not so good.


Share these reminders with a friend you know could use a boost or shift in their energy field.


Now it’s Your turn. Share in the Comments Below what are your favorite ways to care for and uplift your energy.

Much Love,


For all the moms that struggle….


The day before Mother’s Day I was feeling bad.  I never got those intended cards out to my mother, mother-in-law or the kid’s Godmother.  

My ADHD type brain did not write it down.  Often is the case for me and those of us with very busy brains if it’s not written down, it’s not done.  OOOPS.  I was feeling a little bad.

I reminded myself it’s a very commercialized holiday and let it go.  It was a very busy and tumultuous week with my three kids and I just had to forgive the part of me that felt guilty and could not do it all.

Today I am feeling thankful I do not have to run my kids around.  Not so much b/c it’s Mother’s Day, but it is Sunday and I need a day a rest.  And it’s sheer coincidence there is nothing scheduled on our calendar, phew.  

This Mother’s day I took some time for myself and I wrote.

I have learned the hard way that when I do not take time out for me and take care of myself I am not a very good mother to my kids.  So the gift of a couple hours for myself will have ripple effects of goodness in all our lives way beyond just today.

It was not always this way.  One of the ways of being I learned from my mother was to show up as a martyr and do everything for everyone.  I did that for a long time and was not good for us.  Taking care of me matters because I still show up and do lots and lots for others.

This year I’ve been reflecting more about “Mother’s Day” or rather MOTHERHOOD.  For me, motherhood has not been a Hallmark card experience.  I suspect that is the same for many mamas out there. 15 years of  Motherhood has been a long, rocky road.  Yes there have been many joys along the way and for that I am eternally grateful.   

There have been dark painful moments that the Commercialized side of Mother’s day overlooks.  It’s like a one sided day of observing that also brings up pain for many. If you are one of these souls that feels some pain around this day, just know you are not alone.

My first encounter with motherhood (as a mama, not a daughter) still makes me sad if I allow it.  

I usually only think about it in May around this time of the month.  It was not mother’s day but it was in May sixteen years ago when I miscarried my first child.   

I was not feeling 100% one weeknight when I  went to a Red Sox game for work with sales people who’d flown in from around the country.  I’d recently found out that my “fetus was no longer viable” at about 12 weeks term.  The doctors said the fetus was small enough and would pass on it’s own.  My husband, still Active duty Army (since retired) was away at a swap in Louisiana and hard to reach.    

I’d been bleeding for a few days, kind of like a very heavy menstrual period that I was told to expect.  Except that near the end of the ball game I was in the bathroom in pain and passed the fetus. ALONE, yet surrounded by thousands.  I went home horrified and a bit in shock.  I called the doctor and they said to rest and eventually the bleeding would stop on it’s own.

But it did not.  A couple days later I ended up in the hospital to stop the hemorrhaging.  I am thankful for my own my who came to me during that time and my parents who took me home with them for a couple days until my hubby returned from the swamp.

I did not know until it happened that my briefest encounter with “Motherhood” could cause such deep loss.  

My husband easily let it go as the pregnancy was not planned and it was the passing of a fetus afterall.

But if you are a woman who has been pregnant or carried children to term, you know in your heart it’s not “just a fetus”.  It’s the soul of a being who chose you to be it’s mother. Just like our other children who choose us and remain on this earth with us, or pass on much too soon.  There was a life growing inside of you.  A miracle.  A divine gift.

That life inside me died.  I felt like a part of me died as well. The grief was nothing like I could have expected.  I worked with an energy healer soon after I “lost” the baby. She and I had a small ceremony in her healing space.  I named my first daughter Isabelle and said goodbye.  

This Mother’s Day I thought about her more than I ever have since I said goodbye.

I grieved her and I loved her. I  Today I understand her gift to me.  Before that pregnancy I was not even sure if I wanted children.  Her presence filled me with the desire to become a mother.  I am thankful.

So I did, three times over in less than 4 years.   Motherhood, what a 15 year ride it has been.  Joyful, ecstatic, living, sad, heartbreaking. So many emotions.

Another energy healer I worked with a couple years ago when I was having trouble processing something asked me “do you accept that motherhood is your Spiritual Journey?”  At the time I begrudgingly said “yes”.  I suspect that part of me at the time still had this fantasy that Motherhood should just be joyful, kind of like the “HallMark” card experience sold to us on this “Holiday”.  And for me it was not. It was not an easy first few years.  

It was hard.  It was devastating.  It was humbling.  Yet it was and is also filled with love and gifts and delights.

9 months postpartum after my 3rd born child I had an extremely difficult time.

My severe postpartum depression had been misdiagnosed with something else. I was so sleep deprived with 3 children less than four years apart that May.  Another May, again just around Mother’s Day.  A  few short years after that initial loss,  began the darkest  night of the soul I have had the blessing to live through and heal from.

It was a long six year period.  That lead to much misunderstanding.  So much heartache and not such a fun environment for children to grow up in.  That period and beyond served me well as a “healer” and helped me become a much more compassionate witness for my clients than I ever could have without the growth and healing that came of it.

Without that first pregnancy, without Isabelle’s briefest moment of touching my heart, I may not have had these 3 souls that I mother today. 3 vibrant, tenacious, strong willed children that have been my greatest teachers. They help me see who I really am and help me choose to let go of who I am not and what no longer serves me or any of us in our family.

Motherhood is not just a day, it’s an eternity.  It’s a commitment to forever, a bond that lasts through all space and time.

It is so wonderful to celebrate Mother’s Day in whatever way works for you. Let’s Celebrate and honor the wholeness of this journey.  

Let’s acknowledge the many moms struggle on this day. Mom’s who’ve lived through hard times. Mom’s who have lost children in utero, stillbirth or even days weeks, months old.  Others that outlive their adult children.  Other’s whose children struggle with disability, disease, addiction.

Let us also remember that this day is not always happy for many others whose mother has passed on, who abused or abandoned them.  This day leaves many people feeling sad and  bad.  Many people suffer in silence.

This is not a plea to stop celebrating Mother’s Day.  I did in fact was celebrated here simply.  I called my mom and spoke with her, loved her.

My husband made me breakfast + dinner.  I painted my daughter’s dresser. I am thankful I have such an opportunity.  I love my children, deeply, fiercely, softly.  They are 3 of the greatest blessings of my life.  But it has not been an easy road.

To all the mother’s out there and those that mother others, I salute you.  To those that are struggling, I am holding space for you.  

I have such a new and deeper appreciation for my mother and my grandmother’s and aunts and so many other women I know and those I’ve not even met.  I love them all.

But mostly, I love you mom. Today I understand so much more about you because of my own children and experiences.  Thank you for all you are and all you do and have done.

I understand now.  I love you even more.  

Much love,


Ps. If you’d like to read more about the wholeness and fullness of motherhood, check out these two authors whose writing touched me this Mother’s Day. Their work in the world inspires me, heals me and gifts me with insights I can use with my family and my clients.




Embody Your Beliefs ~ Listen, Trust + Breakthrough


I suspect I had a breakthrough with my 13 year old science guy a couple of weeks ago about getting quiet + listening to our inside voice. You know the voice of inner knowing that can seem to go against the grain of science or logic.

The computer he built and suddenly stopped working again would not turn on. He’s bummed. Nothing he or the hubs have tried has been successful that last 2 days. Well this morning mom, (that’s me) got it to work.

I got quiet and contemplated who to call

In stillness I thought what store/shop/expert to should bring it to? I again got the feeling/message to just put the power cord into a different outlet. that perhaps the outlet does is work working properly.  

So I did just that. Voila. “Problem” solved. Computer fully functioning.

Which is odd b/c the outlet I took it out off is also host of the power strip that the computer power cord is plugged into and is working. Lots of time and money saved.

My son and I had a brief chat about trusting our intuition, even when it seems to buck everything logical thing imaginable.

Perhaps in the future when I talk to him about chakras, angels, Energy, Feng Shui….. he won’t immediately say things like “You are making that up”. “Show me the science behind it”….”That’s stupid”, “Prove it”….. just maybe he’ll contemplate that there is some value in it. It will probably take time. That’s okay, I get it.

I am a science girl at heart too. I used to geek out on it (okay I still can)…. The logic, the math, the “certainty”, it’s cool. It took me half my life of studying these “alternative” ways of seeing the world to truly embody and trust them as well.

Just maybe, because it was shown to him via his precious $1K computer project that he is invested in, it won’t take him quite so long to trust those “unseen” things. Then again maybe he never will. Yet, it felt like a breakthrough for us.

Ps.I hope he continues his love affair with science, I trust that will serve him well in this lifetime.

I first posted this a Facebook Status update.  Then I used it with a coaching client to help her question some of her own beliefs and step into what rings true for her.



Here are 5 Reflection questions you can use to get clearer on your what is true for you.

  1. What do you trust in your life?

  2. Do you listen and act upon the messages you get that seem to defy logic?

  3. Are you aligned with your beliefs?  ie: are they serving you? not disabling you.

  4. Are you two feet in or straddling both sides of a meaningful situation or belief in your life?

  5. Have you ever stopped to question your own beliefs? Especially the ones that are not serving you?

  6. Do you fully embody and own your beliefs?  Ie: Do they empower you and make you feel good?

If your beliefs are serving you and you have stopped to question them, Congrats. You rock!

If you have never stopped to question your beliefs or your beliefs are not serving you, it may be time to do some soul searching. You can simply start by getting a notebook and writing out the answers that come to you for these questions.

If you need some support on how to do this, I invite you to set up a FREE 30 minute Strategy Call with me.

CLICK HERE TO Schedule and Appointment

I look forward to connecting with you.


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Thrive Better by Harnessing and Directing Chi in your Space


Welcome Guest Blogger Kerri Miller of Feng Shui Pathways.  Thank you for this wonderful information on how to thrive.

We’ve all heard how positive daily habits can help to nourish and support us on a daily basis, but did you know that your daily habitat – or the environment you spend your time in – also has a major impact on recharging your batteries or depleting them?

By being aware of your surroundings, and deliberately arranging them, it’s possible to create a space that allows you to thrive – feeling more connected, happy, energized and vital.


According to Feng Shui, an ancient philosophy that has been practiced for centuries in China, there’s a dynamic relationship between your environment and your physical body.

Your home or office, it’s location,  the building itself, the color of the walls, the personal objects inside and even the smells and sounds of it all have an impact on you, and all the areas of your life, including your health, career, relationships, finances and much more.


Feng Shui considers the presence and movement of Chi, an invisible vital energy that animates all life.

Chi flows within everything – people, animals, air, water, rocks, buildings, furnishings and even trash!  The chi of all of the things we surround ourselves with interacts with our own vital life chi to either nourish us or deplete us.   When you fill your space with items that uplift you, you’re bringing positive chi into the space and to all the occupants.

How the chi moves within a space also has an effect.

dining-room-1158266_960_720When chi moves too slowly, it stagnates, losing its freshness and ability to energize a space. Occupants within could feel languid, finances can stall, and relationships may get stale. On the other hand, when chi moves too quickly, it can’t revitalize the space around it, pulling chi away instead.  Occupants can feel frazzled and unable to keep up, money can feel like it’s going out faster than it’s coming in, and relationships may be anxious and tense.



When a space is arranged so that chi can flow at a nourishing pace through the dwelling, all of the residents will feel better.

These simple benefits are far reaching, because when you’re feeling good then you have more energy to put into your career and relationships.  In return, your relationships deepen and your finances flow.   This works the same with all the other aspects of your life too – family, career, reputation, learning, creativity and more can all benefit when your space is boosting and uplifting you.


Awareness of chi and how it’s flowing is an effective and empowering way to support your ability to thrive in all life areas.

With clarity and intention, you can learn to harness and direct chi within a space to create support in any part of your life.

Whether you’re looking to implement a healthier lifestyle, call in a romantic partner, create more prosperity or advance you career, you can encourage success by considering whether your space is set up to support such endeavors.


How do you know if your habitat is reflecting and supporting what you want to create for yourself?

  • Look at all of the stuff you’re surrounded by and listen to it. Are you pleased and uplifted by it or feeling tense and overwhelmed?

  • Notice if you’re able to move through all areas with ease and grace or do some spaces present challenges and obstacles?

Some parts may feel great while others feel unsettled.  The key is to trust what you’re sensing and act on it:
  • Remove things that don’t feel right, aren’t appreciated, or that don’t have a useful function.

  • Move or eliminate obstacles to lighten, brighten and create ease in the space.

  • Add any elements that will help to lift or enhance your space and better reflect you’re intentions.

  • Check in with your space often and reassess to make sure it’s evolving at the same pace that you are.


You can consciously arrange your living and workspaces so that they continuously inspire and energize the life you wish to lead!

When your living and work spaces are warm, welcoming, and easy to move through and filled with useful and well-loved objects, you will feel safe, comfortable, energized and supported.  What a great and thriving foundation to give yourself to support yourself daily!

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Kerri Miller is the Founder of Feng Shui Pathways. She’s passionate about sharing the benefits of feng shui with others so they can be empowered to create spaces that feel better and flow better.   Kerri believes that a space that feels good can exponentially impact all areas of life in a positive way.  This belief comes from her personal experiences in using feng shui, and watching many of her clients benefit from it too.

Kerri studied at the Western School of Feng Shui in 2004 and has been practicing as a consultant ever since.  She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two daughters.  Kerri faithfully applies feng shui at home by blending many positive chi items in with the abundance of stuffed animals and Barbie dolls … And she’s become adept at making sure everyone, and the chi, can move with ease and grace regardless of how big the laundry piles are!

Kerri brings the practicality of real, functional living into every area of her work.  She offers private feng shui consultations on-site or by phone. She also facilitates several online group feng shui programs including “The Clutter Clearing Challenge” and “Applying Feng Shui Basics at Home”.   Kerri has authored a book, “Feels Better. Flows Better.  Feng Shui for Inspired Living”, which will be released in September 2016.

For information about feng shui and Kerri’s offerings, visit www.FengShuiPathways.com.

Follow Kerri on social media for more tips @  Facebook  , Twitter  +  You Tube

Stop Feeling Stuck


Last week was an interesting one for me.  Not nearly as much midweek solitude as I would like/need and I have to make sure I carved it out.  Snow day on Monday. Grown stepson here for the week.  Husband home all week. Stomach bug went through our house. My 3 kids all were each home on different days.  

Only one full day of “Work” for me.  Working on what I desired that is.  My reality is, it’s a mom’s life and there is much “work” involved, every day.

Instead of complaining, I carved out solitude time and amped up my reflective journaling.

I realized how deeply I’ve grown and how grounded I’ve become.  

Weeks like that would have thrown me off in the past.  But through lots of tools I use and share with my clients + yoga on my mat, mostly at home I was able to navigate the chaos much more gracefully than earlier times.

That felt so good. I’m getting closer to mastering acceptance of what is.  That’s huge for a former perfectionist and control freak like myself.

But I could not have done it all alone.  I needed support to navigate some of the chaos and surprises.  In the times where I did not have the support, I did not manage things as effectively.

Life throws us curve balls.  

When we let our old wounds steer us, we are not reacting the way the present moment needs us too. Sh!t just happens. It’s the unexpected + not always pleasant things that can throw us.

I know I’ve been thrown off course by things. Usually that happens when I am not grounded, when I am not practicing self care, when I am focusing too much outside myself.

For me the magic happens when I ground, accept, trust and ground some more. Feeling scattered + frazzled is not a good place to make decisions or changes.

Many of my clients have busy lives.  Overwhelm hits hard some times.  That’s why I meet my clients where they are at, rather than offer them “A program that will fix everything”.

I am not a fan of the cookie cutter approach to coaching.  

It did not work for me and I know after working with many women from different walks of life, it does not work for them either.

That’s why I am a fan of integrating the “The Desire Map” Into my work with my clients. Many of my clients were steeped in overwhelm, anger,  and frustration making fear based decisions rather than choices based on how they wanted to feel.  

Like me they were reacting how how the did not like feeling instead of taking more grounded, empowered action.

Driving your life based on how you want to feel can simplify and streamline your time and energy.

It gives us strengths to say “no” to things we don’t really need to do, the things that deplete our energy but often feel we have to do.

When we do not like how we are feeling, we have the power to choose to feel a different way.

How we feel is a choice.  If you are anything like I was you may not believe that to be true.  I used to get so easily frustrated and react to that.  My coach told me I could choose differently.

Guess what?  She was right. But it did not happen overnight.

It happened because I desired to feel a different way in my life.  I desired to show up differently in my life.  I knew I did not want to be so reactive and frustrated when life threw me curves or things did not go my way.

I had to learn that it was okay to feel frustrated but not stay in that state and not let it drive my actions.  That took a lot of retraining, trial and error, and practice.

Shifting your patterns is an art.

It can happen.  But only if we are willing.  We must be willing to do things differently, to try out what our coach or support systems offers us. We must be willing to listen inside, to slow down and hear the voice of our own inner wisdom to know what the best steps are for ourselves.

If you desire a supportive, non judgemental safe space to grow, heal and thrive allow me to be your guide.  If you are willing to try on new ways of being and are open to suggestions get yourself the support you deserve.

If you have felt stuck and a longing for change, now’s your time.  Trust that feeling inside of you and take action.

My March special is still available through Thursday the 31st.  

Click here and invest in yourself.  Allow your true desires space to surface. Get clear on how you want to feel and let the journey of feeling good unfold for you.

Much Love,


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Celebrate International Women’s Day


March 8th.  The day to celebrate women worldwide, your way.

The First Time it was recognized as a Day to commemorate was back in 1909 the same year my Memere was born. Incidentally it was originally called International Working Women’s Day.

According to the official website  “International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.”

To learn more you can click here:  www.internationalwomensday.com

There are gatherings, telesummits, Social Media posts and graphics galore.

I am choosing to celebrate 3 ways.

  1.  I am practicing one of my favorite self-care and grounding activities for myself.  Talking my dogs for a long walk in the woods.  It’s a Gorgeous day for a hike.
  2. I am sharing my friend and colleague Marta Stanczyk’s  heartfelt poem with you below.  She shared it on stage a while back on another International Women’s Day Celebration and made the ladies weep.  I hope you enjoy it.
  3.  I  am offering a Coaching Special in honor of the day. Do you want to feel free? Are you ready to live life on your terms, not based on what someone else thinks you “should”?  To get in touch with your true desires for yourself, click here.

How will you choose to celebrate yourself? Other Women?  The day?

Please share in the comments below how you’ll celebrate and any thoughts about today or Marta’s beautiful poem.

Celebrating YOU,



Marta dedicates this poem to all women everywhere – yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“I  A m   W o m a n”

I am woman 
The essence of life
The creator and the cradle

I am woman
The feminine in all
I’m the whisper of the wind
The flex in a blade of grass
I’m the scent of a flower, the flavour in fruit
Of the awesome tree, I am the root
I’m the ocean in the rain drop
The depth of the sea
I’m the power in the jet stream
It flows through me

I’m in the breath of my son
The heartbeat in my daughter
The sparkle in a child’s eye
Never to be forgotten
I was created to create, I am strong to endure
Fragile to fall to pieces, majestic to rise again
I am Woman, the ray in dawn
This time I’m my only child
To love, to sooth, to caress,
To cherish, to hold close to my breast
I am  woman, the thread of humility
The wise, the only mother of humanity
Without me, man would be no more
With man, I am woman forevermore
I hold Earth in the palm of my hand

I am becoming – I have become – Woman I AM.
-by Marta Stanczyk