I’m Kat Moulton…..your guide to nourish what matters….to you.

I help you Nourish all aspects of your life to release fear, anger and resistance so you feel more courageous, confident and focused.

Our work together will Nourish Your Essence so you can stand in your own power, become deeply connected to your Inner Wisdom and Expand your Health, Wealth and the things that are most important for you to lead a life you choose.

I offer individual coaching, intuitive readings, energy healing sessions, workshops and products to help you get clear on how you want to feel and what you want to create.

Are you tired of living a life hiding in the shadows?

Deep down inside you know you desire more, yet you keep your true feelings locked up because you feel unsure about being truly seen and heard.


Maybe you are afraid of disappointing those you love.

Maybe you second guess yourself and talk yourself out of any decision you want to make.

Perhaps you even feel shackled by all the things you think you “should” or “have” to do.

Believe it or not, it is possible for you to live a life without these excuses with the courage to express who you really are.

I personally beat my demons and walked this path of self discovery for 20 years, freed my heart and became the woman I was meant to be.  By creating radical self care practices I was able to access my own inner wisdom.  By trusting myself, my desires and my ambitions, I was able to lead a healthier + wealthier lifestyle that embodies who I really am.

I believe this is possible for you too.

I’ll help you shorten the gap and get there faster.katInsta

I believe….

Your body never lies.

You are worthy of your desires.

Creating wealth for yourself is a good thing!

Showing up for yourself is a complete game changer.

You are meant to thrive and feel alive.  Every. Damn. Day.

Fear does not have to paralyze you. Allow it to be your teacher.

Forgiveness and movement are two golden keys for getting “un-stuck”.

Your past does not need define you.  Don’t be a prisoner of “your story”.

You can create a life you crave by getting in-touch with your true desires.

Your body has the capacity to heal itself.  Give it the tools and love to start.

In Angels~  Earth Angels. Etheric Angels. Guardian Angels.  Learn to connect with them.

Loving yourself completely IS  an act of courage. No one is perfect, embrace your humanness.

The healing journey happens in layers unique to the individual. Stop playing the comparison game.

Money is just a form of energy.  To create more of it we must change or mindset, be open to receiving and have a plan of action.

Green Smoothies + Quinoa.  Coffee + Chocolate.  It’s all good.  Life is meant to be enjoyed. Play More + Say Yes to what you love.

You were meant  ~ To feel seen. To feel heard. To feel Good.

Isn’t it time for you to Nourish what matters + trust yourself completely?


I believe it’s time!



Curious to know more about me and my back story?

Listen to this interview of me with Lila Simmons as I share more about why self care is vital to me and my work. We also talk the F-word: Forgiveness, Motherhood, Courage and Lila asks me some juicy thoughtful questions.




I am honored to have received education, training or certification from these schools and organization that allow me to cultivate a unique presence and practice.




Professional Bio.

Kat Moulton is a Master Empowerment Coach.  She is dedicated to supporting women face their fears and learn to trust themselves again. Creator of the “7 Pillars to Awaken Your Courage”, Kat opens hearts + guides women to access their own inner wisdom.

As a both a Certified Health + Life Coach, Kat integrates her former massage +  energy healing background with her intuition to help women get clear on how they want to feel. This powerful combination guides women to reclaim their life and energy when it feels stuck, out of balance or just plain overwhelming. Her clients set and achieve goals that align with their ambitions and desires.

Kat has been featured in Inspired Coach Magazine and contributes regularly to Simply Woman Magazine. You can learn more about her work at www.katmoulton.com and connect with her on Facebook , Twitter+ Instagram .

Contact Kat HERE


Don’t wait. Get in touch with your desires.  Set fire to your focus.

Live your best life now.

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