Grab a pen and pencil or just take some mental notes.  I have a few questions for you.

How would you feel if you slowed down?

Might you hear your intuition more clearly?  Could you breathe more freely?  Would you find that  evasive sense of peace you are seeking?

Or would you think about all the things you were not “getting done”?


Ask yourself those questions again and write down what comes up for you.  Just the task of doing this will slow you down for a few brief moments.

How long is your “to do” list?  What would your life look like if you paused?  Are you always on the go or do you take time to be in some stillness?

I remember when I was not still….most of my life really.  I was plagued by the busy-ness of doing.  It was like being on the treadmill to nowhere.

When I did some of the deeper work of unravelling who I really was, I noticed that I did not feel like I was enough if I was not doing something.  OUCH.

The truth hurts sometimes.  The truth also heals.

I could not sit still never mind meditate.  Mediate, HAHA- what’s that?

I never developed a full mediation practice, but I did begin to carve out alone time to be with myself, doing nothing, or walking outside without looking at my phone or listening to music.

I learned to stop holding my breath and breathe.

Do you allow yourself quite space?  Do you just stop and listen to your breathe? How busy are you really?

I learned I need that quite alone time to thrive.

Busy Busy Right?  Overwhelmed?  Stressed?  Do you wake up in the morning and within an hour or two already feel like you are behind.  How is it working for you?

Let me suggest the unthinkable, that if you are feeling behind so early in the day, you need that quiet down time more than any one.

I know.  That was me.  Cultivating different practices, letting go and getting better organized, I allowed myself more quiet space.  This space makes me a better mother, wife and coach.  I feel more grounded, present and peaceful.

I feel more whole when I create space in my life for quiet.

If you are suffering from busy-ness I invite you right now, stop, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.  Notice how you feel.

What is one thing you can do today to feel more peaceful?   What do you need to thrive?  Tell me  in the comments below what came up for you.  I’d  love to know.

Invite the feeling of peace to live inside you.  You are worth it, just as you are, not because you get stuff done.

Much love,

ps. Need some support to slow down?  Create a better plan for yourself?  feel like it would help you to bounce your thoughts off of someone who’s been there?

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