“Did you know that no more than 1 in 10 women with breast cancer has a genetic history of the disease? A growing body of scientific evidence points to toxic chemicals and radiation as factors for the high rates of the disease.”


For this reason, on September 11 – September 13, 2015 I will hike the White Mountains in Pinkham Notch, New England to help stop breast cancer before it starts.

By participating in the New England Peaks for Prevention, a hike to prevent breast cancer, I hope to raise a minimum of $628.80 in support of the Breast Cancer Fund’s groundbreaking work to identify and eliminate the environmental causes of the disease.

Mt. Washington is considered a “very difficult” hike.  So, Why am I doing this hike?  

I’m so excited to do this! This is a great oppty for me to rekindle my love for things non toxic and hiking, join my inspiring friend Donna Morin and meet some new like minded souls!

Donna sent me an email similar to this post to sponsor her hike, but instead of donating, I decided to join her team. Here is why:

When I was breastfeeding my 2nd child I found a lump in one of my breasts.

In 2004 just before he turned a year old I had a very small mass removed. I am SO very thankful it was not cancerous. I continued to nurse my boy on just one boob for a few more months until we both finally gave up.

This experience sparked my interest to participate a couple years later in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  This was before I became aware of pink washing, chemical connections and how our environment and the products we use on our bodies and in our home can impact the development of cancer.

Unfortunately I got really sick the week before and missed the walk. A fellow teammate took the scroll of names of donors’ loved ones on the walk for me.

Jump cut a few more years and I sold non toxic products for awhile to help share this invaluable information with others.  But I have strayed a bit recently.  It happens.

My mother keeps pushing me to do something about the fact that breast cancer (and other cancers) have been our family.

My personal belief is that the best thing I can do to reduce the risk of getting cancer is to lower my overall toxic load.

Reduction on many levels is crucial:  physical, environmental, nutritional and emotional.  This is not really what my mom had in mind, but that’s how I roll.

As I continue to find ways to lower my family’s toxic load and improve our health, I am happy to share this message with others. This hike is an awesome way to do that!

Cancer is a complex illness. There is not just one cause.  Many people fear getting it as they have known loved ones to suffer with it.  Some survive, some don’t. There is a lot of fear surrounding this C-word.

Prevention through personal lifestyle choices is one way to help “combat” cancer rather than live in fear of it.

I LOVE to hike and rarely have gotten to hike as I would like in recent years. My husband and I hiked Mt. Madison about 16 years ago so I know what I am in for and need to get my self in better shape.

I am looking forward to the challenge,  knowing I am strengthening my body and preventing cancer cell growth as I do.

I’ve only ever hiked 1/2 way of Mt Washington.  I am looking forward to the personal challenges of training and fundraising while meeting some like minded people along the way.


I’d be honored if you support my climb, here are a few ways you can…



1) Donate $25  or more and I will send you a recording of me Interviewing Donna, my Health Coaching Bestie and inspiration for this journey last year on why choosing health can be an act of courage.

2) Donate $50 or more and I will send my 15 page “Inner Courage Connection Guide” and the interview.

3) Donate $100 or more and you will receive all of the above, plus I will carry a prayer flag in honor or memory of a special person to you up to the summit of the mountain.

Click here or on the image to make a donation.  Thank you.

4) Keep me in your thoughts and send positive energy as I train this summer. I’d appreciate it.

5) If you feel inspired like I did when I received a donor request, join me and my team instead. Raise your own funds for this worthy cause and hike Mt. Washington with us in September.

Thank you!

Much love,


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