Today on the blog I am delighted to introduce to you our passionate guest Janelle Anderson.  Janelle and I were both students at the same health coaching school.  She helps women in their 40s and beyond get better and better with every passing year, through the power of simple nutrition, exercise, and a strong spiritual practice.  I am delighted she accepted my invitation to share some of her weightloss wisdom with you. Enjoy!


The other day I happened to see a post on Facebook from a friend who was selling a weight loss program. I am always interested in hearing what is out there, so I connected with her and got the low down, after all I have been wanting to lose about five pounds.

She gave me the scoop: good for you, chemical free, sugar free, vitamin fortified, the program is easy to follow. The list went on and on. I was definitely interested after all life is busy and this sounds really simple. I checked out the cost and it was around $350 and that got me thinking.

I am a health coach. I have transformed my body and health and I have helped others do the same. I know what to do, I just need to do it, but I wanted the easy, fast way out.

And to be quite honest when I get down and dirty with clients, that is what they want to. Instant gratification. What is wrong with that? It makes us feel good, it’s much faster and most importantly it involves almost nothing emotionally.

Why should we do the work of connecting with the food we are putting in our mouth, exercising, keeping a food journal, tracking calories or using any tools of these great tools if we can just pay to pretty much have it done for us?

But here’s the thing~

When we are doing something as important as transforming our bodies or our lives it is the work and effort that creates the transformation.


It is the blood sweat and tears that makes it valuable and most importantly sustainable. Doing the work helps us understand the why behind our desire and to dive deep into what works for our bodies. It gets us back on track when we fall of coarse.

And yes, for some people figuring out the why of our eating habits gets down, dirty and deep. But until we do the work and connect with it; we very rarely have sustainable change.

Ya, the quick fix may last a few months but soon life goes back to normal. The quick fix program is over and you have to cook real food, fend off cravings, deal with dinner parties, holidays and eating out.

So here is my advice. Take the time to do it right. My dad used to say: “If it is worth doing it is worth doing right”.


Meet Janellejanelle

Janelle works with women in their 40s and beyond live their healthiest, happiest most successful life.  She is a transformational life coach and certified health coach.  She is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), the International Association of Health Coaches, certificated at the mastery level the Transformational Coaching Method and a Zumba instructor.

To find out more about working with her visit or connect on Facebook  Twitter .


Curious about Janelle?  Want to know more about my personal story?             Listen in here on Janelle’s website where she interviews me about overcoming fears.

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