Were you ever afraid to do something because you thought might fail? I was.

That fear slowed me down in my business early on because I had viewed other biz ventures as failures. I was afraid to put myself out there. What if it does not work? What if I fail again? What does that say about me?

When I stopped to re-evaluate those other ventures without my critical mind asking such questions, I learned so much about myself, sales, marketing and serving my clients. I discovered what mattered to me and I no longer saw them as failures.

I chose to see those ventures, not just as learning opportunities but also as paths that were not meant for me to continue on. It takes courage to get back up and try again and look at things differently than we are used to doing.

See, if I had a thriving Pampered Chef Biz, I would likely not have become a coach or pursued my interests in healing arts that much. I could beat myself up for not selling enough stoneware + gadgets and get a job or I could continue with other entrepreneurial pursuits.

The things I learned during my time selling Pampered Chef are invaluable to me. They help me with my business today.

Here a few examples.

I discovered that I can only sell something I truly love or believe in and have some personal use or tie to. I still LOVE the Pampered Chef products and my kitchen is stocked with cooking tools I adore and use regularly thanks to my discount and free products earned during that period of time.

Others may see it as a failure because I stopped selling it. I stopped because the time it took away from my family was not a good fit then. Also, as much as I loved the products and could speak honestly and openly about them, I was NOT passionate about selling it. It did not light me up. I yearned to do work that also lit up my soul.

I learned ways to interact with customers. I learned how to run a sales booth at a public events; how to use raffles as a win-win for me and potential customers. I could go on, but you get the idea.

We get to choose how to view our “failures” both in business and life. It’s all about perspective. How have you been looking at your so called “failures”?

Do you let past failures and fear of failure stop you from doing something? Or do you allow yourself to stand back up and try again and go for what you want?

We all fear failure from time to time. It’s pretty common. The moment of truth is whether we allow that fear to stop us or we get back up and try again.

“Fall down seven times, get back up eight” ~ Japanese Proverb

What gems can you discover for yourself from those less than optimal experiences?

I encourage you to lick your wounds, allow some healing time if needed, get clear on what you want and how you want to feel, then get back up and put yourself out there again.

Inhale Courage. Exhale fear.

Ask yourself new questions, “What if you SUCCEED?” Ask, “What would it feel like if I did ____________________ ( fill in the blank) and it was everything I hoped for and more?

Leave a comment below and let me know if this spoke to you in anyway. I’d love to know.

Here’s to falling down and then getting back up.

Much Love,

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