When I tapped deeper into my desires asking myself how I wanted to feel (more sensual) and what was it I needed to do for myself to work through a deeper layer of healing I kept feeling like I wanted to, rather needed to Dance. Again. More.

A few months go I began to regularly honor that feeling to dance. By showing up for myself, I discovered that today’s guest blogger, whose BeSoul Class heals and inspires me,  is not only a talented dancer and teacher but  is also a writer.  I am delighted to introduce you to today’s Guest blogger, Maria Skinner.

If you’ve struggled with not feeling your feelings, numbing out, or addiction this post is for you. Much Love, Kat.

I recently posted an article about emotional sobriety on my facebook status and I had to take a deep breath and let in a new layer of awareness.

There is judgement around being or not being sober.

Sometimes I hear my own mind telling my sober self – you are no fun. And then the sober self tells the party girl, you are out of control. I tend to go more towards control while emotionally craving release. Instead of just feeling the feelings, I often create unnecessary drama just so I can feel them.

The emotional aspect of addiction for me is a deeper urge to merge and connect, to feel deeply, and then not feel how deep the feelings go.
Astrologically speaking, sobriety is a Saturnian impulse, it is the ability to make a choice with alertness and awareness. It is about being responsive to what is and taking responsibility for my emotional experience.

Neptune, on the other hand, is the impulse to merge and let go of control, to swim in the emotional soup that we are all part of and surrender to the bliss that is often available when we see each other as ONE.

For me, the conversation about addiction needs to include the larger spiritual context.

I ask myself, what am I looking for when I reach for my drug? Am I looking to avoid feeling something, am I looking for the sensation of pleasure, am I looking to quiet the cravings, am I looking to feel connected to my soul?

There is a reason why alcohol is also called spirits. There is a reason why certain drugs and sugar, before it became ubiquitous to our lives, were solely used in rituals that often involved communal transformation.

Ritual space is space out of ordinary time. It is when these substances start to bleed into ordinary time that they become a problem. They become a way to escape what is “really” going on or a way to feel beyond what is being offered by the moment. 

I have noticed that for me, even after the substances are gone, after I have quelled the chemical triggers, I am still left with the urge to merge and to feel the magic and the sweetness of life. In this merge, I need to look square in the eyes of my shadow because when I find great bliss, there is great sorrow too. For me, they come together, package deal.It is so much easier to eat a cookie, or have a glass of wine, than to feel paradoxical layers of living.

Strengthening my emotional body for me has been about being able to stay when these great feeling waves crash inside of me.

To feel them and not run to something that will help me release the pain or the fear, to not run to someone and provoke them to provoke me to release. This is true sobriety.

Strengthening my emotional body has been about strengthening my relationship to my physical body too.

When I sense my body, I can feel the waves rising as sensations and can separate myself from the story long enough to let the transformation happen. That is the gift I have found in staying, feeling the feelings as sensations in my body and letting them flow through to the other side, to the place where the release moves through my breath.

There are still moments when I have emotional responses that do not feel sober and I think to myself, “I have no idea why I did that”. The onion keeps peeling. But those times are less and less. At some point, CHOICE and SURRENDER merge and then I feel that place where I FLOW and settle more easily and without judgment, into my body home.


Ask Yourself~
Do you allow your feelings to flow through you?
Have you ever created unnecessary drama just so you can feel your feelings?
What are you looking for when you reach for your drug and numb out?
When you have, what has it cost you to not feel your feelings?
What choices can you make for yourself to feel the way you want to feel?

Maria3Meet Maria ~

Maria Skinner is the owner of Yoga & Nia For Life (soon to be Starfish Dance & Yoga) in West Concord, MA. She is a BeSoul Dance Practitioner, Nia Black Belted, former Nia White Belt Trainer,  creatrix of Moga and Elements in Movement, MoveMyWay, and Embodied Astrology. She is also a Certified Ageless Grace® Educator. Maria co-authored the Spanish translation of Our Bodies, Ourselves; Nuestros Cuerpos, Nuestras Vidas, and contributed to My Hungry Head by Marybeth Sherrin. You can find her at www.yogaandniaforlife.com

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  1. Pamela - Jun 01, 2016 Reply

    Wonderful message shared here with enlightening words. Thank you!

    • Kat

      Kat - Jun 02, 2016 Reply

      Thanks for taking the time to read + comment. Your presence is much appreciated!

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