Energy Healing


1 – 60 Minute Session $50 

2 – 60 Minute Sessions $90

3 – 60 Minute Sessions 125 

**** Prices Valid through Nov. 12th.  Plain Reiki or Massage Available upon Request when booking your appointment.

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***Regular Pricing:     1- 60 Min. Session $80        1 – 90 Min. Session $125

Energy Healing Tune UP

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In Person Energy Healing Sessions

Do you crave deep relaxation?

Have pain in your body and not sure how to release it?

Do you need to carve out time to feel rejuvenated and refreshed?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Schedule a session Yourself .

People often ask what it a healing session like with me.  Allow me to share.

My work is based on Reiki but not limited to that.  When you arrive for session we will to a quick intake and you can share why you came, what you would like to get out of this session and where in your body you are holding on to physical and or emotional tension.

Energy Healing is done while you lay comfortably on a heated massage table.   You  remain fully clothed and are offered a blanket if you tend to get chilled easily.   You will start laying face up There will be soothing music in the background while essential oils infused into the healing space.   The space is set up to offer you maximum comfort so your body and mind can fully relax.

I used my hands and intention to channel energy.  Most often I will place my hand on your head first, then face, neck and onto the major joints of the body.  The session is sometimes completely silent.  Other times we may talk through part of it.  I may ask questions or ask you to take deep breathes to help you release tension.  Sometimes we use guided imagery so you can connect to the places in your body that feel tense. There may be some light hand, foot or shoulder massage depending on the need and request of the client.

No two sessions are exactly alike.  Each Client is unique.  I meet my clients where they are at at the time of our session to optimize healing and rejuvenation for that person.  It is not until our bodies are able to relax that we are fully able to heal, self heal or make optimal choices for our own well being.  The goal of each energy healing session is to support you to feel more fully relaxed and grounded.


What Clients Have Shared about an Energy Healing Session with Kat ~

“Wow, I cannot believe how relaxed I am.  That was more relaxing than a massage.”   ~ Natalie

“I really love your suggestions that I can try on my own at home to help myself. Thank you!”  ~ Donna

“I feel like I just took a long nap and I did not even sleep.” ~  Priscilla

“How did you know that’s what I was feeling?  It’s good to know I am not alone.” ~ Rachel

“I am amazed I feel more relaxed than after a massage”  ~ Leo

“I feel LIghter and Brighter” ~ Sindhura

“I feel Calmer” ~ Estelle





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In addition to being both a certified Holistic Health Coach and Empowerment Life Coach, Kat previously attended the former Austin School of Massage Therapy in 1996, The Polarity Institute in 2000 and is a certified Reiki III.

She received Reiki I in 1996, Reiki II in 1999 + Reiki III in 2012. She continues to self study other forms of energy healing and work with other natural healers and energy workers to fine tune her craft.

She combines intuitive touch with massage + energy medicine to help you feel more relaxed, nourished + in tune with yourself.

Kat’s Integrative approach will tailor the table-work session to meet your needs.  All healing and massage work is done on a massage table.  Experience the profound effects of Reiki + energy healing with hand and foot massage to leave feeling more grounded and focused.