I have been asking the questions during meditations and on long walks, “How can I serve?”  “How can I better serve?”

In my personal life I have found myself shifting the way I am in some situations and offering support in ways I may not have in the past.  There is not particular plan, but when opportunities show up, I am more mindful.

In my biz, the answers come as a feeling or a whispering to offer more in person services and events.

That does not mean I will stop phone coaching.  No way.  I love it!

I would not be able to serve some of my clients who I adore because they cannot geographically meet me in person.

For example one of my favorite long term clients lives in Norway.  That would be quite a commute for a 60 minute coaching session eh?

This amazing woman has taught me so much about personal inner strength during our time together, in ways she does not even know.  She is growing into an amazing coach, teacher and role model for other moms and women.  I am honored to serve her and others I have worked with around the globe.

I love seeing what some past clients are up to, like woman in Florida whose long term dream to publish her autobiographical compelling and inspirational book to empower other women is coming soon.

Still, I have been missing for a long time, the in-person healing work I was drawn to in my early wellness work.  

I had a taste of being in person again when I ran a book club this past winter for “The Desire Map”.

I believe the combination of bodywork with coaching can be so powerful.  My intent is to offer some of each.

Let me get you up to speed on some of my background.

In 1996, when I was exploring around the country, I took a 1 year pit-stop in Austin, TX to attend massage school.  While there I would gather with a group of healers to explore and practice energy work and became certified as a Reiki I practitioner.

Later after I moved back to my home state I became a Reiki II practitioner and studied Polarity Therapy.  During this time I miscarried my first child and experienced other types of healing work.   A gifted and gentle healer used Bach Flower Essences combined with table work to help me say goodbye to the sweet soul that so briefly touched my life.

When my three children were born my, very close together, my only connection to this healing work for a while was a client.

For personal reasons, my interest in nutrition grew.  You can read more about this on my about page.   I graduated as a Certified Health coach in the Spring of 2011.  I always knew that my work in the world would not revolve strictly around food.  I up-leveled my Reiki study to a certified level III practitioner and began my life coach studies, the focus being  Women’s Personal Empowerment.

I’ve been playing with combining these tools into new client offerings.  

Now that my kids are getting a little older I have the space to expand these practices.  You’ll soon see a mix of offerings.  If you are not local to the Central or Metrowest Area of MA, no worries.  I still have some phone and online stuff to include you!

Here is some of what is coming.  The dates and details will be included in individual, shorter emails.


Virtual Happenings:

1.  The Little Acts of Courage Challenge is coming again.

  • It will be revamped and offered this fall.
  • Yes, still free of charge.

2.  A Free Fall Group Coaching Series weekly in October.


Live & Local:

1.  Individual table work.

  • You, Me and my massage table for table work sessions.
  • Bodywork, energy work or a lovely combo. My specialty is Energy Work with foot and hand massage.

2.  Small Group Workshops.

  • The first one up will be a 2 hr, one time , in person event.
  • Weather permitting we will take a hike in the trails behind my home and come inside for snack and coaching workshop.

3. Soul Food for Weight Loss (& Less Stress)

  • This will be a 6 week paid group coaching session.
  • This is for the woman who wants to feel more whole inside, lose weight and/or stress less.
  • This weekly, 90 min in person group coaching sessions will include recipes for the body, mind and spirit.


Now it’s your turn to share.  

I told you a bit more about me and what I will be offering short term, I’d love for you to reply and tell me in the comments below a bit about you and how I can best serve you.

What do you need more support with?  What information in blog articles would you like to read?

Post in the comments below and let me know which offering speak most to you and what you need.  I can’t wait to find out.

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,



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