Happy New Year!!!

How are you doing with your goals and intentions?

I am doing really well.  I am so excited for the new energy #2k15 is bringing in.  I did my reflection process and burned up and released 2014.

It felt awesome.  Did you try it?  You still can click here to read about the evolution of my personal process and the steps and how you can release 2014.

I have had so many ideas and things I’d love to create and do that have come through since my burning ritual.  For me that means doing some mind dumping exercises, crossing off many things, and tabling some for later even if they sound good.

Inner Wisdom Wednesday Tip:

Saying “NO” can be an act of courage  A Courageous NO infact. There is so many cool things available to us that we have to have cultivate saying no to many things so that we can say yes to what we most desire.

I’m saying no to working full time.  Saying no to clutter.  Saying no to people who suck my energy.  Saying no to about 15 projects I have come up with for my biz.

Why?  So that I can say YES to the things that really light me up.  I choose to say no so I do not feel  stressed out doing the things I really want to give my time and energy to.

Saying yes to tweaking my website.  Saying yes to inviting guest bloggers to my site. Saying yes to a new look to my somewhat weekly email, saying Yes to getting the Robotics Club restarted at the Middle School my boys attend. I’m saying yes to being more present for my family.  I’m saying YES to more support in my life and biz so it will run like a well oiled machine and I won’t feel depleted.

One of the big things I have said yes to is becoming a Licensee and Facilitator for Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map.

Here’s why.  My intention has long been to do more group workshops, both in person and virtual.  I love the group dynamic.  It can be so invigorating and inspiring for me and the attendees.

I have worked with The Desire Map for the last two years.   It inspires some of the work I do with my 1:1 clients.

In 2013 I did the Desire Map Process by myself.  I really dug into the work and use some of it with my clients.

Last year at this time I ran a Desire Map book club in my home with a small group of women.  I loved the intimacy and the growth that came with it for all of us in the group.  I even thought I would do that again until the space to expand more with the Desire Map Came along.

Here’s our pix of our local Desire Mappers last February.


Opportunity met intention and availability.  Voila I get to dive in, add my own style and bring this work into the world with workshops.  How cool is that?

Talk about a win-win.

It spoke to my Inner Wisdom.  The one that tells me, choose what’s easy and flows. That one that reminds me, I’ll enjoy it so much more when it flows.  It feels good when it feels aligned.

On that note what feels good and aligned is inviting guest bloggers to my site.  In December we shared tips for staying healthy this winter from Donna at Better off Well.

The guest bloggers will share expertise on Money Matters, Wellness Bites, Inner Wisdom, Goals and Desire and more.

Speaking of Desire, keep your eyes posted for next week’s on Inner Wisdom Wednesday notes when I share with you my guiding word for the year and my Core Desired Feelings (CDFs).

Plus you’ll be the first to hear about my first LIVE and Virtual Workshops for this year.

What will you say YES to this year?   What will courageously say NO to to make your yes come alive?

May #2k15 be your best year yet!

Leave me a comment below and share your intentions and goals for 2015.

Much love,


Ps. Looking for a great add-on to expand your biz?  You too can become a Desire Map facilitator.  Get the Deets here on Danielle’s site.

Pps.  Got any questions about The Desire Map, or becoming a facilitator?  email hello@katmoulton.com or post in the comments below and we can chat.



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