I suspect I had a breakthrough with my 13 year old science guy a couple of weeks ago about getting quiet + listening to our inside voice. You know the voice of inner knowing that can seem to go against the grain of science or logic.

The computer he built and suddenly stopped working again would not turn on. He’s bummed. Nothing he or the hubs have tried has been successful that last 2 days. Well this morning mom, (that’s me) got it to work.

I got quiet and contemplated who to call

In stillness I thought what store/shop/expert to should bring it to? I again got the feeling/message to just put the power cord into a different outlet. that perhaps the outlet does is work working properly.  

So I did just that. Voila. “Problem” solved. Computer fully functioning.

Which is odd b/c the outlet I took it out off is also host of the power strip that the computer power cord is plugged into and is working. Lots of time and money saved.

My son and I had a brief chat about trusting our intuition, even when it seems to buck everything logical thing imaginable.

Perhaps in the future when I talk to him about chakras, angels, Energy, Feng Shui….. he won’t immediately say things like “You are making that up”. “Show me the science behind it”….”That’s stupid”, “Prove it”….. just maybe he’ll contemplate that there is some value in it. It will probably take time. That’s okay, I get it.

I am a science girl at heart too. I used to geek out on it (okay I still can)…. The logic, the math, the “certainty”, it’s cool. It took me half my life of studying these “alternative” ways of seeing the world to truly embody and trust them as well.

Just maybe, because it was shown to him via his precious $1K computer project that he is invested in, it won’t take him quite so long to trust those “unseen” things. Then again maybe he never will. Yet, it felt like a breakthrough for us.

Ps.I hope he continues his love affair with science, I trust that will serve him well in this lifetime.

I first posted this a Facebook Status update.  Then I used it with a coaching client to help her question some of her own beliefs and step into what rings true for her.



Here are 5 Reflection questions you can use to get clearer on your what is true for you.

  1. What do you trust in your life?

  2. Do you listen and act upon the messages you get that seem to defy logic?

  3. Are you aligned with your beliefs?  ie: are they serving you? not disabling you.

  4. Are you two feet in or straddling both sides of a meaningful situation or belief in your life?

  5. Have you ever stopped to question your own beliefs? Especially the ones that are not serving you?

  6. Do you fully embody and own your beliefs?  Ie: Do they empower you and make you feel good?

If your beliefs are serving you and you have stopped to question them, Congrats. You rock!

If you have never stopped to question your beliefs or your beliefs are not serving you, it may be time to do some soul searching. You can simply start by getting a notebook and writing out the answers that come to you for these questions.

If you need some support on how to do this, I invite you to set up a FREE 30 minute Strategy Call with me.

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