As 2015 is winding down and the excitable and emotional feelings that Christmas brings has passed, I find myself deeper in reflection this year than ever before. I’ve been sitting with the lessons I have learned this year and writing them down (another post for that).

During a raw and real moment of impulsivity I was schooled in the art of “mirrors”.

There are theories and schools of thought that tell us each person we meet shows us things about ourselves.  When someone triggers us, it is never about them, but about something we need to look at in our own self.   

I understood this in my head.  I got it, but until this situation that showed up for me, I realized I had never fully owned it 100%.

It works both ways. It’s not just what we don’t like in someone that we must face in our self, but also the good and beauty and wondrous things we see in them are also aspects we must own inside us.

As you dive into reflection this end of year and winter I invite you to consider the sentiments in this poem.

Mirror Mirror: A poem about Reflection and Growth

Mirror Mirror in every being

What is it that I am not seeing?

Mirror Mirror you don’t just glow

You reflect the truth where few dare to go

Mirror Mirror You can be tricky

There are flashes of beauty jumbled in with the icky

Mirror Mirror Let me truly see

The things I need to finally be free

Mirror MIrror Your truth is not always kind

But I do dare, so the gifts I find

Mirror Mirror thank you so

for without you I could not grow

May your 2016 be amazing and bright.  May you be daring a as you glimpse in your own mirrors.  May you take time to reflect on your own life and choices and options.  May all that you truly desire be brought forth into form.

Much Love,

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