March 8th.  The day to celebrate women worldwide, your way.

The First Time it was recognized as a Day to commemorate was back in 1909 the same year my Memere was born. Incidentally it was originally called International Working Women’s Day.

According to the official website  “International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.”

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There are gatherings, telesummits, Social Media posts and graphics galore.

I am choosing to celebrate 3 ways.

  1.  I am practicing one of my favorite self-care and grounding activities for myself.  Talking my dogs for a long walk in the woods.  It’s a Gorgeous day for a hike.
  2. I am sharing my friend and colleague Marta Stanczyk’s  heartfelt poem with you below.  She shared it on stage a while back on another International Women’s Day Celebration and made the ladies weep.  I hope you enjoy it.
  3.  I  am offering a Coaching Special in honor of the day. Do you want to feel free? Are you ready to live life on your terms, not based on what someone else thinks you “should”?  To get in touch with your true desires for yourself, click here.

How will you choose to celebrate yourself? Other Women?  The day?

Please share in the comments below how you’ll celebrate and any thoughts about today or Marta’s beautiful poem.

Celebrating YOU,



Marta dedicates this poem to all women everywhere – yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“I  A m   W o m a n”

I am woman 
The essence of life
The creator and the cradle

I am woman
The feminine in all
I’m the whisper of the wind
The flex in a blade of grass
I’m the scent of a flower, the flavour in fruit
Of the awesome tree, I am the root
I’m the ocean in the rain drop
The depth of the sea
I’m the power in the jet stream
It flows through me

I’m in the breath of my son
The heartbeat in my daughter
The sparkle in a child’s eye
Never to be forgotten
I was created to create, I am strong to endure
Fragile to fall to pieces, majestic to rise again
I am Woman, the ray in dawn
This time I’m my only child
To love, to sooth, to caress,
To cherish, to hold close to my breast
I am  woman, the thread of humility
The wise, the only mother of humanity
Without me, man would be no more
With man, I am woman forevermore
I hold Earth in the palm of my hand

I am becoming – I have become – Woman I AM.
-by Marta Stanczyk

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