I’ve missed you.  I’ve been on an unplanned much needed self induced sabbatical.  

I needed some time and space for me.  So I took it.  

It may not seem like I was showing up.  But I was, utterly and completely for me. I needed to turn inward for a bit. So I did. It was so worth it. I feel refreshed. Clearer.  More confident. More at ease.  More alive +  Ready to fully thrive in 2016.

“I’m on top of the world, looking down on creation…”  Feels good.

During my break, I’ve been thinking about you.  Wondering how alive you feel.  Are your thriving? Or are you just going through the motions? Living on autopilot? Having an okay life, but not really loving it type of existence?

Do you love the life you have created for yourself? If Yes.  Thumbs up!  High Five. Way to go.  

Do us a favor, please. Post in the comments below and share. Give us some tips. You are an inspiration to the many who are not fully thriving in their life right now. Thank you!  

If you are not loving your life right now, not feeling fully awake + alive the next part of this post is for you.

Show up for yourself.

Truly, no one else is going to.  Be brave.  Step back into the arena of Life.  

Baby steps are okay.  Just get up and get out there. Find a buddy. Hire a mentor. Do what it takes to get yourself back in the game…usually that means initiating support.

Psst.  You are worth it.

Get clear. Get rid of the clutter. The emotional/mental clutter. The Physical clutter. The body clutter. LET THAT SHIT GO. So you can see a clearer vision for yourself.

Psst. You are worth it.

Find inspiration.  It’s everywhere.  You just have to believe it and tap into it.

Create New Rituals or Habits that lift you up. Nourish you more + more.  Daily.

Start doing things that feel good to you.  Your way.

It’s more than okay.  You are worth it.

Shift your energy.  It’s the key to thriving.

How? Check in with yourself.

Ask yourself, “What do I need, right now in this moment?”  

Maybe it is a big drink of water. Perhaps a few jumping jacks. Is it telling someone how you feel, honestly + tactfully? Moving your body? Getting more sleep?  Having a snack? Making the phone call you’ve been putting off? Cleaning your kitchen?  A nap?  A break?   

The list could be endless. Only you know what you need right now in this moment.

Deep breathe.  Exhale.  Check in with YOU.  You are worth it.   

You deserve to feel fully feel alive…to thrive.

Next question. No overthinking.  What’s the first thought that comes to you.  Allow your intuition to guide you.

“What’s my next step so I can thrive?”

Write it down so you don’t forget. Look at it.  Honor it.

I’d love to know what your next step is. Post in the comments below.  Tell us your next move.

Not sure? No worries. Reach out to me.  Let’s connect.  Contact me for a free 30 minute Nourishing Session. Tell me where you feel stuck.   

Here’s to doing your own thing and feeling on top of the world.

Much love,

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