Today on the blog I am excited to introduce to you our gorgeous guest Karishma Gill .  I met Karishma when we were both students at The S.W.A.T. Institute.  She is an elegant and dynamic coach with many gifts and the coolest British accent.  I am delighted she accepted my invitation to share some of her angelic wisdom with you. Enjoy!


One Size Does Not Fit All

Just like the words say. One size does not fit all. I can’t bring myself to not repeat this over and over again. How many of you have experienced some form of discrimination, because you are not the right skin colour, not pretty enough, not popular enough, not full fat or skinny enough, not this enough or not that enough?

Or your natural talents and abilities were not nurtured by a parental or societal system that does not give you the means to do so. You had to be a certain way, look a certain way, talk a certain way or else…Have the right qualification, degree, no two! Marry the right person or dread being single forever. Have the right number of kids. The right house. The right something or another.

How does one type of skin colour be right for the whole world? How does one type of guy be right for all women? How does being a particular way be right for anyone?

How does One Size Fit All!?!

Whoever made this rule obviously was unaware of individual uniqueness and probably never accepted their own. This is an age old paradigm that we need to relinquish so that we can start celebrating our own unique selves which comes from Source/God/Goddess/Universe. So who are we to say what is right for me and you?

The One Size Does Not Fit All Syndrome pervades all manner of thought, form and action.

Who is to say the way I run my business is right for you? Who is to say schooling your child the regular way is right? Who is to say one home design accommodates the needs for all families? And who is to say the way I blog is right for Google Search?!

Just for once, instead of trying to fit in, contorting and changing yourself for something you really don’t believe in, why not ask yourself…

Do I want to fit in? Or do I want to be Me?

You tried to fit in right? How did that work out for you? So how about trying to be You? How to be You? Well ask yourself again…

Who am I? What do I want?

Most of us are not even aware of who we are inside because we are too busy trying to fit in. Some of us don’t even know what we want in life because it was already set for us or we never chased our dreams due to some unknown fear.

So how about getting to know who we are. Getting to know what we really, really want. I’m going to break it down into how the One Size Does Not Fit All applies to my life.

See if you feel me on this.

Body Image

I grew up with a little more base (thank you Meghan Trainor!) and I never fitted into the hot girl, popular girl, skinny girl or any of these categories. I was bullied by my relatives to look skinny. Years of self healing later, I accepted I have wheatish skin, broad shoulders, an athletic non curvaceous bod, a prominent nose (always a Barbra Streisand compliment!), large mouth, dainty fingers and killer sparkling eyes. This is Me as a Body. I can’t compare myself to another because the other won’t have my shape thus it deserves its own space. As a former self loather turned self lover, I adore how my body has its own category, its own expression and its own movement. It moves like no other. My body is a vessel of all that is Me. It allows Me to physically create a physical life that is uniquely me. So, instead of fitting IN-to a body image, I just CREATE my own You – nique body image – Karishma.

Entrepreneurial Expression

As a Spiritual Catalyst who understands that Energy is Everything, I had to understand how not to pigeon hole myself as just another entrepreneur. I had to create my own business model from what I had learned so far. I had all the skills, now it was about putting it all into a matrix of marketing, business development and services that fit my purpose and plan. Not the other way around. Because when you try to coax your purpose and vision to fit into a business model that may be successful to another, it may not work out entirely for you.

Your business model is a reflection of You. Of what you were born to do. Your services reflect your purpose in a special way. Probably like no other. We needn’t be afraid of it looking like the other because it was probably not meant to be that way. As we are all becoming spiritually evolved, our clients are also becoming spiritually sensitive. So, the service you display has to be authentically You. Your clients will sense that. Especially for spiritual entrepreneurs like myself, our clients are highly psychic as well. Any sense of desperation or inauthenticity from our part will drive them away.

This was why I chose to design my website at first. It had to be about my Energy. The Energy of my Soul who has a purpose and plan. I loved pink so my site had to have pink. As a certified Women’s Empowerment Coach, I resonated towards more group work than private coaching therefore my business model had to reflect my authenticity through my services. Yet, there is always fear and apprehension being unique but there is also courage because there will be no other on this planet with my vision and what I am here to do. As I move forward, my spiritual service model, which is my business, has no precedent because it was meant to be uniquely Karishma.

Personal Style

I tried various styles but it was more fashion faux pas than trend setting! But I was always trying. I wanted to look like some famous someone. Styling my hair differently, wearing different clothes, but I was never satisfied because it never FELT right! Until this one tiny thought that hit my clueless brain one day…

I was trying to be something I am not.

So, instead of trying, I started BE-ing. I started wearing things that made FEEL like Me. A colour that flattered my complexion. A dress that popped my figure. Shoes that enhanced my long legs. Jewellery that blinged me. I started to put things together that fit Me not the other way around.

I started creating my style. And what was MY STYLE?

Sensually elegant and classic. This was the Energy behind my style. If I felt classy and sensuous with what I was wearing, that was a winner! This applied to my perfumes, my home decor, my food, and in every part of my life. It had to feel that way because Karishma, the Soul, had a sensuous swagger. The more I accepted my unique sensuality and classic tastes, the more I could show up in my life comfortably BE-ing Me. My style is uniquely Me. You-niquely Karishma.

So, with that in mind, how can Karishma fit into a One Size category? She never could AND she doesn’t want to now. I was born to create You-nique miracles. Just like you were born to create yours.

You are your own category of brilliance and mastery.

There can and will never be anyone like You. Why would you deny the world of your amazingness if you tried to be something else?!

You are a reflection of awesome plus cool to the power of wow-ness!

You are always and will always be…You-niquely You.

As always we’d love to know your thoughts.  Do you feel you are living your life authentically?  True to the unique soul you are? Or are you not expressing your real self, living your days as others expect? Please share your unique view in the comments below.


Meet Karishma:me

Karishma is a SWAT certified Empowerment Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Singer, Artist and Reiki Master. Her mission to empower as many women as possible to embrace their Inner Goddess Energy and live intuitively fulfilling their life’s purposes. She is a natural at unravelling your purpose through your spiritual guides and angels. Being in tune with the Angelic and Higher multidimensional Realms, she channels loving wisdom through her weekly YouTube Living Intuitively Ascension Forecast webisodes. 

Connect with the lovely Karishma at her website, On her Facebook  + Twitter @KarishmaGill .

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