Living in fear sucks. It drains the life out of us and keeps us feeling and living small. It keeps is from feeling free.

When we’ve been abused and wounded by other people we often don’t feel safe in the world. Not feeling safe often translated to living in survival mode, feeling stuck and often times hopeless.

We were all meant to thrive, not survive.

Some of us choose to believe we have to stay stuck in survival mode. It’s easy to blame and complain and live our life in fear… fear of what others may do, fear of what others may think of us, fear of breaking out and living a life we truly desire on our terms.

For some that’s easy, for other’s not so much. The reality is, in some ways we are all wounded, and some more than others.

What is truly remarkable is how some people manage to pull themselves up from the depths of despair or pain and decide enough. They decide that life can be what they choose it to be instead of what it was or “should be”.

Those who have the courage to DESIRE + DECIDE to change the course of their life are inspirations to other people. Those people who CHOOSE to believe that life can be different set the wheels in motion for just that a different path, a path that they feel good in, feel free in, feel empowered by.

Change can happen. It starts with a desire.

Then we must have the courage to take the steps and seek out the support we need to make our decision a reality.

Suma Nour is just that, a woman who lived in fear and abuse and decided that life did not have to continue that way. She shares her moving journey in her  new book “A Pissed Off Saint: A Middle Eastern Woman’s Journey to Freedom“.

a pissed off saint

I met Suma in a coaching program we were enrolled in a couple years ago. When we met she was working on her book. She was determined to share her life story with the world to inspire and empower other women who had been hurt, controlled and abused to create the shifts and changes in their life that they may think are not possible.

I had the opportunity to be her mentor coach at The S.W.A.T Institute in 2012. A year later I worked with her for a few months as a private client in my coaching practice. Every time we spoke she talked a bit about her book and her determination to finish it, and get it published.

I am thrilled for her that she overcame so many fears and obstacles to make this dream a reality for herself. I admire her courage and willingness to share the darker moments in her life in order to inspire other women.

Her continued focus on her end goal of publishing the book and what it would feel like to do that is an inspiration in and of itself. Many of us set goals. But how often do we stick to them?

Too often we get sidetracked by something else or when things get too difficult along the way we give up. We “forget” about or dream or goal and go back to living in fear and doubt using the excuse that it’s not really that important to us anyway. We let shame keep us playing small.

That BS we tell ourselves keeps us stuck.

I am so thrilled for Suma that she did not allow any of those excuses from making this dream a reality. I cannot wait to see what she is upto next.

Suma grew up in Lebanon. She lived through war, rape, being threaten to marry at gunpoint and more at a very young age. As a 15 year old with a baby she was isolated and held captive on an island far away from her homeland. Suma shares a bit about here she got the courage and determination to leave and come to the United States.

I was fascinated and moved by the journey Suma talks of in her book,  I only had glimpses of it when we worked together. The focus of our work together was not to rehash her past so reading her book added a whole other depth to this woman I had already come to admire.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Suma and ask her some questions about her life and her book. You can listen to our interview here:

Do you feel free?  If you have a story too, Share in in the comments below how you have gone from living in fear to feeling free.  Let your story serve as an inspiration for others who may be feeling stuck, alone or even hopeless.

Tell us in the comments below what you got out of Suma’s story.

Much love,


Meet Suma Nour:

suma Nour

I grew up in Lebanon into a family of 5 kids. While growing up, I always wanted to become a Cardiologist. Certain life circumstances stopped me from following that dream. In time, I put myself through school and graduated from Northeastern University with an associate degree in science and from Forsyth Dental Center as a Dental Hygienist.

Over the years while working with my patients, I came to realize I have a great deal of intuitive abilities, love, and compassion. I grew spiritually deeper, my intuitive side became stronger. As I became awakened and enlightened, I realized that I needed to work on healing myself from the pain and the resistance that kept me under the control of all the people that did me wrong. In order for me to learn to forgive, I had to learn to love myself enough to want to do it for me.

Finally I discovered my passion in life and that is to become an Empowerment Life Coach. After starting the studies toward my goal as a Life Coach at The Swat Institute. I came to realize my own ministry, gifts, and my purpose in life. Week by week, I became dedicated to empowering people from all walks of life and to have the things we all desire in our life; like a healthy body, an enjoyable career, healthy relationships, A happy family, and a happy spiritual life.

I finally found my passion and became the “Cardiologist” I always wanted to be. I am committed to healing the hearts, honoring and loving ourselves, and connecting with our inner beings, so we can become the best and the happiest we can be. Connect with Suma online at Home | The Official Suma Nour Website  or on Facebook.

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  1. Michelle Wolff - Feb 27, 2015 Reply

    Sounds like a truly inspiring read!

    • Kat

      Kat - Feb 27, 2015 Reply

      It is Michelle!

  2. Dina Delicce - Feb 28, 2015 Reply

    Thanks Kat! What an inspirational story. I love the part in the interview where she said to rise above the low vibrational feelings and rise to high vibrations and connecting to the divine. – Face your emotions and face yourself and then rise above it.

    Also – as a writer, I love what she said about writing your story being the triumph of the soul. That is inspiration for continuing to write my book.

    Thanks Kat – this is a beautiful post and interview.

    • Kat

      Kat - Mar 01, 2015 Reply

      Hi Dina,

      Thanks for listening to the interview. Your comments are appreciated. Suma’s journey is inspirational!

      Love that too that writing your story is a triumph of the soul. We all have a story. It is wonderful to celebrate those who have the courage to share theirs.


  3. Ronnie - Mar 02, 2015 Reply

    Lovely website and what a pleasure to hear your interview with Suma. I will go get her book. I too, love The Secret, and watching it has inspired me to go ahead with my own dreams of being a published author. I love stories where woman save themselves.

    • Kat

      Kat - Mar 02, 2015 Reply

      I’ll glad you enjoyed my interview with Suma.

      The Secret was an awesome book. Ronnie that’s great you are inspired to become a published author too.
      Be sure to come back and share your book with us!


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