I am so excited to Dance Sunday afternoon with Pamela MacIntyre, Creator of Divine Moves.  If you are in driving distance to West Concord, MA please come join me.

I’m not teaching and these are not affiliate links.
I’m just dancing because it makes me feel good.  Movement like this helps me deeply connect with my own inner wisdom.
Feeling good is how it starts but making decisions in my life from a place deeply connected to what matters to me and my own inner knowing is the result.

Pamela’s class in unique, healing and joyful.

Before I moved to our current home 3.5 years ago I’d become a somewhat regular at Pamela’s class.  Her home base is in Franklin, MA.  But she is bringing her art/Divine Moves to  more and more studios in MA + RI. If  you cannot make it this Sunday, connect with Pamela on Her Website to find out where else she’ll be.
I am sharing this with you as  I am thrilled that her work in the world is expanding and touching more lives. It’s a beautiful form of movement and healing. If you are looking for something different and delightful to try, please come join us.
Nourish your body + Soul so you can thrive.
She’ll be teaching at StarFish Dance and Yoga (brand new name, Formerly called Yoga + Nia for Life) of this month’s Guest blogger Maria Skinner.  Read post here if you missed it.  
Here is a bit more about this Sunday’s class from Pamela’s Website.  No need to pre register, just show up if you feel inspired.

Divine Moves ~ Step into the light!  

Discover your divine light and let it shine!  Divine Moves offers movement and music as a joyful spiritual practice and path to wellness. This uplifting spirit-body dance restores a healing connection to joy through simple, flowing moves to beautiful, inspiring music.  Easy,  repetitive moves and free dance invite you to deepen your connection to earth, open your heart, and awaken the divine within.  Combining dance, tai chi, reiki, kundalini yoga, functional and energy healing, Divine Moves offers a spiritual homecoming, a renewed love of life, and a sacred time for inner peace and nurturing. Follow the joy trail and embrace the light within!
Sunday, June 12th, at 5:00pm
StarFish Dance + Yoga (formerly Yoga and Nia for Life)
135 Commonwealth Ave,
West Concord MA
Much Love,


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