Last week was an interesting one for me.  Not nearly as much midweek solitude as I would like/need and I have to make sure I carved it out.  Snow day on Monday. Grown stepson here for the week.  Husband home all week. Stomach bug went through our house. My 3 kids all were each home on different days.  

Only one full day of “Work” for me.  Working on what I desired that is.  My reality is, it’s a mom’s life and there is much “work” involved, every day.

Instead of complaining, I carved out solitude time and amped up my reflective journaling.

I realized how deeply I’ve grown and how grounded I’ve become.  

Weeks like that would have thrown me off in the past.  But through lots of tools I use and share with my clients + yoga on my mat, mostly at home I was able to navigate the chaos much more gracefully than earlier times.

That felt so good. I’m getting closer to mastering acceptance of what is.  That’s huge for a former perfectionist and control freak like myself.

But I could not have done it all alone.  I needed support to navigate some of the chaos and surprises.  In the times where I did not have the support, I did not manage things as effectively.

Life throws us curve balls.  

When we let our old wounds steer us, we are not reacting the way the present moment needs us too. Sh!t just happens. It’s the unexpected + not always pleasant things that can throw us.

I know I’ve been thrown off course by things. Usually that happens when I am not grounded, when I am not practicing self care, when I am focusing too much outside myself.

For me the magic happens when I ground, accept, trust and ground some more. Feeling scattered + frazzled is not a good place to make decisions or changes.

Many of my clients have busy lives.  Overwhelm hits hard some times.  That’s why I meet my clients where they are at, rather than offer them “A program that will fix everything”.

I am not a fan of the cookie cutter approach to coaching.  

It did not work for me and I know after working with many women from different walks of life, it does not work for them either.

That’s why I am a fan of integrating the “The Desire Map” Into my work with my clients. Many of my clients were steeped in overwhelm, anger,  and frustration making fear based decisions rather than choices based on how they wanted to feel.  

Like me they were reacting how how the did not like feeling instead of taking more grounded, empowered action.

Driving your life based on how you want to feel can simplify and streamline your time and energy.

It gives us strengths to say “no” to things we don’t really need to do, the things that deplete our energy but often feel we have to do.

When we do not like how we are feeling, we have the power to choose to feel a different way.

How we feel is a choice.  If you are anything like I was you may not believe that to be true.  I used to get so easily frustrated and react to that.  My coach told me I could choose differently.

Guess what?  She was right. But it did not happen overnight.

It happened because I desired to feel a different way in my life.  I desired to show up differently in my life.  I knew I did not want to be so reactive and frustrated when life threw me curves or things did not go my way.

I had to learn that it was okay to feel frustrated but not stay in that state and not let it drive my actions.  That took a lot of retraining, trial and error, and practice.

Shifting your patterns is an art.

It can happen.  But only if we are willing.  We must be willing to do things differently, to try out what our coach or support systems offers us. We must be willing to listen inside, to slow down and hear the voice of our own inner wisdom to know what the best steps are for ourselves.

If you desire a supportive, non judgemental safe space to grow, heal and thrive allow me to be your guide.  If you are willing to try on new ways of being and are open to suggestions get yourself the support you deserve.

If you have felt stuck and a longing for change, now’s your time.  Trust that feeling inside of you and take action.

My March special is still available through Thursday the 31st.  

Click here and invest in yourself.  Allow your true desires space to surface. Get clear on how you want to feel and let the journey of feeling good unfold for you.

Much Love,


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