I’ve been busy. I’ve been busy, hunkering down, working with clients, interviewing potential clients, tweaking web copy and new program offerings.

Today I was feeling tired.

When we are tired, we have to make a choice, to push through or rest. For me in the past sometimes tired would show up as a form of resistance or a sign that I was not protecting my energy. I would “rest” and not get a lot done.

Today I had to stop and ask myself where the tired was coming from.

When we feel tired, depleted, or exhausted take the time to check-in with yourself.

The body is always sending us messages. When we listen we can get a better sense of what is really going on for us.

My body was talking to me loud and clear. Turns out, I was wiped from taking lots of lots of action. That can be a good thing, especially when we are building something.

I knew rest was what I needed. BUT, I wanted to push through. I was attached to writing my article. So, I kept working. Writing three different articles that did not come out as I liked.

If I’d listened to my initial instinct, I would have saved myself hours of frustration when the words would not flow and put the pen down.

Shifting gears, I checked in with my body. I listened. I finally put my pen aside. I sat for a few moments and pulled an Angel card. I asked for a card that would benefit my article, myself and my peeps.


“REST” showed up.

Ironic I thought. Just want I do not want to do right now. However, it was the perfect reminder for me to honor my inner wisdom and not my ego. I needed to take a break. After I took one, it was so much easier to write.
Rest and relaxation our feed creativity. – TWEET THIS

Check in with your body

Here are my 3 super simple steps to check in with yourself when you feel tired, overwhelmed, run down or stressed.

  1. Take a moment and stop to breathe.
    Take 3 long slow deep breathes.
  2. Next, focus on your breathe with your eyes closed.
    Breathe normal and just allow yourself to become aware of each inhale and exhale.
  3. Last, when you notice a shift and you feel more at ease ask your body what it needs now in this moment.
    Listen to the response and go with it. Write it down if you need to.

What did you hear you needed? Maybe it is a glass of water, a bite to eat, a walk, a dance break, some sleep. It could be anything.

The body never lies. It holds the truth and answers we need if we are willing to slow down and listen to it. Mine kept telling me rest. I ignored it until I slowed down and checked in.

Rest was affirmed with this message from my Angels today. How cool is that?

Your turn, HIT REPLY or share in the comments below and let me know how you check in with yourself.

Do you rest or push through when tired? Does it depend on the situation?

Do you honor the signals your inner wisdom your body sends you? I’m going to right now.

Time for me to turn off the screen and rest. Sweet Dreams!

Much Love.

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